GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships (2012–2014)


The Learning Partnership consisted of eight partners from eight different countries with various volunteer management backgrounds, interests and levels of experience:

1. Czech Republic, Celé Česko čte dětem, o.p.s.
2. Hungary, Szépművészeti Múzeum (coordinator)
3. Ireland, National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals
4. Norway, Senioruniversitetet i Sveio, Sveio commune
5. Poland, Stowarzyszenie “Centrum Wolontariatu”
6. Slovakia, Proacademy
7. Spain, Instituto Galego de Consumo
8. Turkey, Antalya Memurlar Derneği

The diversity of partner organisations was central to the project, as it brought with it, a range of participant’s expertise across a wide spectrum of areas.  This unique combination of organisations and skills significantly contributed to the breadth of learning and cultural experience over the lifetime of the project.

Each partner in this project was at a particular stage in developing a Volunteer Service, some with already well-established services in place, while others were just beginning.  Each wanted to examine best practice with a view to putting what they learned, back into their own organisation. The major part of the project set out to observe every component of the process of establishing and then managing the on-going needs of a volunteer service.  The partners learned from each other and also from organisations with an already established and reputable volunteer service in each of the partner countries. At least one project meeting was held in each partner country, with an agenda set out to facilitate the following;

- examine the work of well established, existing volunteer organisations with an eye to best practice
- exchange the experiences of each project partner in managing an existing, or building a new volunteer service
- combining all pieces of information learned in each country into a practical learning tool readily available in a pdf booklet format.

Click to download the booklet.

Picture galleries of our meetings

Budapest HUNGARY November 2012

Cork IRELAND February 2013

Antalya TURKEY  April  2013

Sveio NORWAY June 2013

Bratislava SLOVAKIA September 2013

Santiago de Compostela SPAIN November 2013

Ostrava CZECH REPUBLIC March 2014

Ostrava project meeting (CELÉ ČESKO ČTE DĚTEM) 8-12 March 2014

Warsaw POLAND May 2014

Tihany HUNGARY June 2014