Docent Programme - Volunteer guide programme


The volunteer guides of the Docent Programme offer individual visitors free guided tours in English in the gothic art, in the 19th-century art collection and in the Modern Times rooms of the  Hungarian National Gallery, on selected days at 2 pm. Please click here to visit the Event Calendar on the website of the Gallery for further detailes.



The word docent is derived from the Latin „docere” meaning to lead. Originally used to denote a professor or university lecturer, the term has expanded to include the volunteer guides who staff many museums and other educational institutions. Docents introduce guests to the Museum collections by providing free tours throughout the galleries and help visitors gain a deeper understanding of the art on display. In addition to their function as guides, docents also often conduct research using the institution's facilities or provide administrative support for the Docent Programme. Prospective Docents undergo intensive training by the Museum that focuses on interpretive and communication skills so they may better introduce the Museum’s collections to visitors.

The next training program for our future Docents will be launched in fall 2018.

Docent Programme, Museum Education Department
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