The renewed Romanesque Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts will be open to the public from 15 March to 2 April, 2018, free of charge

The renewed Romanesque Hall of the Museum of Fine Arts will be open to the public from 15 March  to 2 April, free of charge, every day - including Easter Holiday - from 10 am, last admission at 5 pm. Closing of the Hall starts at 5.40 pm.

Entry is on ʺfirst come, first served” basis: we do not arrange reservations or bookings (not even for groups). We do not provide guided tours.

Due to the limited capacity of the museum hall, the number of visitors is limited, therefore occasionally waiting outside the building can be expected.​

For information you can call: +3630 682 4899, between 10 am 5.30 pm

After this period the museum will be closed, it can be visited again from 31 October 2018.

Visitor Rules for the Romanesque Hall

In order to protect our values please consider the following rules during your visit:

Touching the walls of the Romanesque Hall is strictly forbidden. Please keep a distance of at least 20 cm from the walls of the Hall.
It is forbidden to bring bottles, food, drink, pets (except guide dogs) into the Hall, or any objects that might harm or endanger the safety of other visitors, employees of the museum or the artworks of the Hall.
The temperature in the Hall is approximately 20°C. It is not obligatory to leave coats and bags in the cloakroom unless they are wet. We kindly ask you to leave travel bags and umbrellas in the cloakroom.
Food, beverages and smoking
Eating, and drinking is forbidden in the Hall. It is also prohibited to smoke in the building including electronic cigarettes.
Taking photographs and recording videos, exclusively for personal use, is permitted in the Hall. Flash photography, monopods and tripods are not permitted.
Guided tours
Guiding tours in the Romanesque Hall is forbidden to everyone.
Visiting with children
Children below the age of 2 can be taken in the Hall in strollers or in baby carriers.
The Romanesque Hall is accessible for disabled visitors as well.

Thank you for your cooperation in protecting our values!