Museum of Fine Arts. What a fine house!

18 September 2018.

After more than three years of reconstruction work, the Museum of Fine Arts will re-open on 31 October this year. The re-opening will be accompanied by a fully refurbished website, to be launched in late October.

The renewed museum and its exhibitions will be opened in two stages: the spaces at the basement level and the newly renovated Romanesque wing will be made available to the public from 31 October this year, while all the new permanent exhibitions can be visited from the middle of 2019.

Thanks to the reunification of its collection with that of the Hungarian National Gallery, the Museum of Fine Arts will await visitors with permanent exhibitions arranged according to a new concept. After more than four decades of absence, Hungarian art will return to the Museum of Fine Arts, thus, exhibiting the history of universal and Hungarian art until the end of the 18th century alongside the art of Egyptian and Classical Antiquity in one place. Simultaneously with this, the Museum of Fine Arts’ collection of art after 1800 will be temporarily moved – until the opening of the New National Gallery – to the Hungarian National Gallery, enabling visitors to view Hungarian and international masterpieces of more than the last two centuries together.


Leonardo & the Budapest Horse and Rider will be the first temporary exhibition in the renewed Museum of Fine Arts. The dossier exhibition displaying almost twenty works and mounted to commemorate the approaching 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci’s death can be seen in the museum’s newly renovated Michelangelo Hall from autumn 2018. The Budapest Horse and Riderwill be presented in the company of masterpieces by Leonardo and his contemporaries loaned by foreign collections and seen in Hungary for the first time. Leonardo’s ten drawings and the sculptures of his fellow artists inspired by the master will faithfully document the problem that remained unresolved during the Renaissance and which Leonardo strove to answer for more than four decades: the creation of a free-standing rearing horse and rider.

Open: 31 October 2018 ‒ 6 January 2019

Temporary Exhibition

Leonardo & the Budapest Horse and Rider

31 October 2018 - 6 January 2019


The Romanesque Hall

A short story of the reconstruction

17 July 2018.

In spite of the fact that the Romanesque Hall is the most ornate part of the interior of the museum, it has been closed off to visitors for over seventy years. The hall was severely damaged during World War II and has not been restored until now. Due to lack of space elsewhere, the hall served as a convenient solution to storage problems of the museum and as a warehouse of last resort it ended up in a crowded and chaotic condition. The Romanesque Hall was finally restored as part of the reconstruction works carried out between 2015 and 2018. In the following images, the extraordinary history of the hall comes to life.

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