Friends of the Museum

The aim of the Friends of the Museum is to create a dedicated circle of audience for the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery together with their affiliated institutions. Through their donations, the members contribute to the preservation and enrichment of the superb collections of our museums, to raising the standards of the musem services, and to the development of vibrant and attractive exhibition programmes.

In return, as part of the benefits offered by the Friends of the Museum, you may become a member of an exclusive group who enjoy participating in various art programmes, performances, and guided tours, travelling in Hungary and abroad with an expert guide. The generosity and commitment of our Friends contribute to the recognition of one of the most important cultural brands in Hungary.

Before the re-opening of the Museum of Fine Arts (31 October 2018), members of the Friends of the Museum can enjoy the benefits in the Hungarian National Gallery and its affiliates.

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Already our Friends:

Alács Lajosné, Alföldi István és felesége, dr. Bartha László, Cser Ilona, Élő Nóra, Kelecsényiné Gáspár Katalin, Marjai László és Marjainé Ipacs Katalin, Révai András és felesége, Szabados Márta, Szabó Rita, Szappanos György, Tóth Andrea, Zákány Judit és Zákány G. György

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Join now! If you join now or renew your membership this year, you are offered the autumn months’ programmes of four museums with your one year membership!
Are you already our Friend? If you renew your membership before 31 October, you may pay last year’s price.