Expertise for export permissions

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Expertise for export permissions
Complementary services
Examinations by restorers

Expertise for export permission

According to the statute 2001/LXIV on the protection of cultural goods, the museum provides expertise on works of art made by foreign artists, belonging to its collection interest (paintings, sculptures, prints and drawings). The works of art should be delivered to the museum during opening hours, where it is received against an official acknowledgment and preserved while the official expertise is being accomplished. Each property gets an identification number which functions as the number of its export permission at the same time. The expertise may be accomplished within 10–14 days.
When demanding an expertise it is required to submit
- 5 photos (9 x 12 cm) of good quality
- in case of a recent purchase, a copy of the invoice
beyond the property itself.

The fee, depending on the property, is 1 200–18 000 HUF.

Complementary services

Photo documentation
Black and white photograph with enlargement (18 x 24 cm): 2 500 HUF
Colour photograph with enlargement (13 x 18 cm): 3 500 HUF
Diapositive framed (6 x 7 cm): 3 500 HUF
Miniature diapositive framed: 1 500 HUF
Colour photograph over 10 pieces, with enlargement: 3000 HUF

Examinations by restorers*

Painting and sculpture
General condition examination 6 500–32 500 HUF
UV examination (with photo) 3 900–13 000 HUF
IR examination (with photo) 6 500–19 500 HUF
X-ray examination 10 000 HUF
Micro-sample analysis : 3 900 HUF
Pigment analysis** by agreement

Prints and drawings
General condition examination: 6 500–32 500 HUF
Identification of technique: 6 500 HUF
Dating (based on the examination of the support material and of the technique): 39 000 HUF
Suggestions for storing and conservation: 3 900 HUF
Micro-sample analysis: 3 900 HUF
Pigment analysis** by agreement

* The fee depends on the dimensions of the work of art and its specific condition, as well as the number of pictures necessary to be taken.
** The fee is the subject of agreement in each case.