DepARTures 2017/18 – New Pathways for Language Learning Inspired by Art

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DepARTures is a series of activities allowing B2 English level language learners and their teachers to enjoy and appreciate works of art while refining their skills, broadening their vocabulary and becoming more confident when using a range of grammar structures. DepARTures follows a story format and employs a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology.

The foundation for the subject matter of chapter one, Pirate Attack, is the seventeenth century Dutch painting collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (Szépművészeti Múzeum). As the story moves forward, students meet characters who are portrayed in paintings. Their homes and town, where they go and what they see are represented in landscapes, interiors, still lifes and genre paintings.

This scheme of learning was originally written in four separate chapters, each containing approximately 12-15 forty-five minute lessons. Chapter one, Pirate Attack, has already been tested in one school with two groups of students at the B2 level. Based on their feedback and our observations the materials have been rewritten. Now we would like to test them again.

We are looking for 10 teachers in 10 schools to test Chapter one, Pirate Attack, with one B2 level group of students between 25 September and the beginning of the winter break.

How many lessons will you teach?
The materials consist of between 12-15 lessons, depending on whether teachers decide to include all of the optional tasks.

Will the class visit the Museum of Fine Arts?
As the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest is currently closed; all of the lessons will be done at school during the normal school day.

What materials are provided?
A teacher’s book, worksheets for students, recordings for listening tasks, puzzles, and games are all provided. The teacher's book includes lesson plans with step-by-step instructions, answer keys, background information about individual works of art and a tool for analyzing paintings.

What documentation needs to be done?
All the lessons need to be recorded with a digital dictaphone. It can be the one on your phone or tablet/Ipad. The recordings will be used to

  • find out how long the activities took
  • check whether the instructions in the teacher’s book are clear enough
  • have a sense of the atmosphere in the classroom – how much the students enjoy the activities
    • hear any comments students make in connection with the materials

We will not use the recordings to evaluate the participating teachers in any way. We are primarily concerned with improving the quality of the materials.

Teachers and participating students will be asked to fill in a baseline survey, feedback sheets for some activities and a final survey after finishing the unit. We ask each teacher scan them in and send them back as pdf-s.

Will the feedback remain anonymous?
All feedback will be collected anonymously. Therefore we will not know which teacher/student gave which responses. In addition, teachers will be asked to have the students’ parents sign a waiver form allowing the lessons to be recorded and written feedback to be collected and used to improve the quality of the materials as well as present them to a wider audience.

How will participating schools benefit?
In appreciation of the extra time and energy teachers and students allocate for DepARTures, each participating teacher will receive:

  • a free class session in English at the Vasarely Museum Budapest between February – April 2018
  • a copy of the book S as in Sky an Art ABC
  • A3 high quality colour reproductions of the twenty paintings from Chapter one, Pirate Attack
  • a copy of the exhibition catalogue, Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age
  • free tickets to all temporary exhibitions at the Hungarian National Gallery which open between September 2017 and August 2018 (all teachers may visit the permanent and temporary exhibitions for free by showing their teacher's ID card)

For more information contact:  bGl0emEuanVoYXN6IzEhKyNtZmFiLmh1

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