Hands on!

On 29 September a new programme was launched at the Museum of Fine Arts. At the Hands on! table we invite visitors interested in Egyptian civilisation to learn more about original artefacts and handle objects thousands of years old using gloves.

The Museum of Fine Arts is the first in Hungary to offer its visitors the opportunity to make the most of both their visual and tactile senses to learn more about objects of art. The museum's trained guides share their knowledge when handling the chosen pieces such as amulets or heart scarabs. The workshop takes place outside the entrance of the Egyptian Art Collection. Those interested are welcome to participate in the programme four times a week: Wednesdays 10.15 am-1.15 pm,  Saturdays 2.15 pm-5.15 pm, Sundays  10.15 am-1.15 pm and Thursdays as part of the Museum+ events 5.15 pm-8.15 pm.

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