GRUNDTVIG Learning Partnerships (2012–2014)


1. Czech Republic, Celé Česko čte dětem, o.p.s.
2. Hungary
, Szépművészeti Múzeum (coordinator)
3. Ireland
, National Association of Principals and Deputy Principals
4. Norway
, Senioruniversitetet i Sveio, Sveio kommune
5. Poland
, Stowarzyszenie “Centrum Wolontariatu”
6. Slovakia
, Proacademy
7. Spain
, Instituto Galego de Consumo
8. Turkey
, Antalya Memurlar Derneği

A volunteer is a person who voluntarily undertakes a service in order to help others. In addition to altruistic motivations, people can also use volunteering as a way to meet others, to make contacts and to have fun. Volunteering is a key element of building and supporting civil societies. It takes many forms and is performed by a wide range of people, young, middle aged and senior. Serving or self-serving, volunteering furthers self-fulfillment through an active lifestyle which is the first step along the long path of active aging.

The Grundtvig Learning Partnership consists of eight partners from eight countries with various professional backgrounds, interests and levels of experience. The highest-priority of our project is to focus on the quality of volunteerism. We are in the process of creating an engaging and inspiring digital book that will consist of a collection of questions and answers. The objective of the project is to focus on the practical aspects of volunteer management as opposed to provide theories on volunteerism.

The Docent Programme of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest is part of the Education Department.  It provides art education to all age groups, including groups at risk of social exclusion. As part of the project, we are prepared to further develop the existing Docent Programme. The Museum Education Department proposes to establish a new innovative service, within the framework of which volunteers will be trained to bring art outside museum walls. During free handling box sessions, participants will be asked to open up a box full of replica artefacts to see, feel and explore art in unexpected ways. The regular visits of volunteer guides will create a more personal and convivial atmosphere. Our aim is to encourage more and more people with disadvantages to visit the Museum of Fine Arts and participate in workshops geared towards them.

Picture galleries of our meetings

Budapest HUNGARY November 2012

Cork IRELAND February 2013

Antalya TURKEY  April  2013

Sveio NORWAY June 2013

Bratislava SLOVAKIA September 2013

Santiago de Compostela SPAIN November 2013

Ostrava CZECH REPUBLIC March 2014

Warsaw POLAND May 2014

Tihany HUNGARY June 2014