Litza Juhász

S as in Sky – An Art ABC

Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 2010
ISBN 978 963 06 9950 1
Price: 1890 HUF
The book is available in the shop at the Museum of Fine Arts, Hungarian National Gallery and Vasarely Museum.
Price: 1890 HUF

For more information about the publication contact the author at: bGl0emEuanVoYXN6IzEhKyNtZmFiLmh1

The publication has been written for children 3-10, their families and educators. As an "introduction to art" book, younger children may use it as a picture book to get acquainted with art. In addition to enjoying the art, older children can use it for learning letters, sounds, words, writing stories or poems. All children and adult can make all sorts of associations with what they see in the works of art including:
•Listing other words which can be paired with the works of art
•Telling their opinions about what they see
•Discovering details in the works of art
•Telling the stories portrayed in the works of art or inventing new ones
We hope that after looking at and "reading" this book, children will be overjoyed when they visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest and see those works from "their" book displayed in the exhibition halls.
Litza Juhasz used the ten years of experience she has working with children at the Museum of Fine Arts when putting this book together.