Az Önkéntes Tárlatvezetői Program angol nyelvű művészettörténeti előadássorozata

2010. október 15. - december 14.

Tuesdays 10.15 a.m. – 12 noon

An Extravagant Baroque Journey

The 17th-18th century was the age of Baroque, when art aimed to appeal primarily to the senses. Still, there were many differences in the way the Baroque style manifested itself. The adherents of classicising Baroque had a preference for the ideals of the Renaissance, with its balanced forms, restricted movements and emotions. At the other end of the spectrum, there were those who preferred the playfulness, dynamic movements and emotional exuberance of sensuous Baroque. Although Baroque artists intended to elicit an emotional response, the lecture series of this autumn will aim to look into the art of Baroque as level-headedly as possible.

5 October 2010 It is so Baroque! European History and Culture in the 17th Century
Lecturer: Edina Deme

12 October 2010 Caravaggists in the Light of Shadows – Naturalistic Tendencies in Italian Baroque
Art Lecturer: Zsuzsa Dobos

19 October 2010 Balancing Academies in Italy – Classicizing Baroque throughout Italy Lecturer: Zsuzsa Dobos

26 October 2010 The Age of the Sun King – Baroque and Classicism in French Art of the 17th Century
Lecturer: Zsófia Kovács

2 November 2010 El Siglo d’Oro – The Spanish Golden Age from El Greco to Velázquez Lecturer: Zsófia Kovács

9 November 2010 No Sense, No Nonsense – Flemish and Dutch Art in the Age of Baroque Lecturer: Edina Deme

16 November 2010 On Shipboard – Marine Painting of the Dutch Golden Age Lecturer: Dr. Zoltán Bartos

23 November 2010 Beasts and Birds – Animals in Art Lecturer: Krisztina Mácsay

30 November 2010 True or False? Mirrors of Life – Genre Painting
Lecturer: Zsófia Tettamanti

7 December 2010 Pomp and Luxury with a Tour of Ephemera – Recipes for Baroque Still Life Lecturer: Zsófia Tettamanti

14 December 2010 Splendour and Ceremony – The Function of Baroque Portraits Lecturer: Eszter Vályi

For guests: the cost is HUF 2,500 per lecture. Just buy a ticket at the lobby cashier right before the lecture - ask for a “Docent Program Baroque Art Lecture Ticket”. You do not need to pay for entry to the Museum in addition.
After the lecture, please feel free to use this ticket to enjoy all the galleries in the permanent collection.

Location: the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Dutch Gallery (2nd floor). All dates, times and locations are subject to change and will be duly announced. For more information, contact Christina Orbán-La Salle, tel. (1) 469-7291 or e-mail ZG9jZW50IzEhKyNzemVwbXV2ZXN6ZXRpLmh1

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