Az Önkéntes Tárlatvezetői Program angol nyelvű művészettörténeti előadássorozata

2011. február 15. - április 12.

Rococo:  Frivolous Life, Frivolous Style in the 18th Century

Rococo developed first in the decorative arts and interior design, but later manifested itself as a painting style, too.  The light-hearted themes were perfectly in tune with the excesses of Louis XV’s reign.  This spring join us as we enter the enchanting world of cherubs, fluffy clouds and love. 

As opposed to the profoundly serious nature of Baroque art, much of Rococo was frivolous, if not lascivious.  The passionate presentation of love of God in the 17th century gave way to the representation of love of life by the mid-18th

Although when the term Rococo was first used in English in the 19th century, it was a colloquialism meaning old-fashioned, at the time of its development it was known as modern style. Modern or old-fashioned? It is a question of perspective; the lecture series of this spring will help you form your own perspective. 

Tuesdays 10.15 a.m. – 12 noon

February 15
Rococo in a Nutshell: Curves, Curls and Carnal Pleasures
Lecturer: Edina Deme

February 22
No Lecture

March 1
Grace and Refinement - French Rococo Painting from Boucher to Watteau
Lecturer: Zsófia Kovács

March 8
Bursts of Extravagant Fancy in Germany and Austria
Lecturer: Eszter Vályi

March 15
No Lecture

March 22
Playful Solemnity - Rococo Painting in Italy
Lecturer: Zsuzsa Dobos

March 29
Italian Souvenirs - Vedutas
Lecturer: Zsófia Tettamanti

April 5
Vanity vs. Candour - Manners of Representation in 18th Century Portrait Painting
Lecturer: Eszter Tóth

April 12
18th Century Paintings through the Eyes of a Restorer
Lecturer: András Fáy

For guests: the cost is HUF 2,500 per lecture. Just buy a ticket at the lobby cashier right before the lecture - ask for a “Docent Program Rococo Art Lecture Ticket”. You do not need to pay for entry to the Museum in addition. After the lecture, please feel free to use this ticket to enjoy all the galleries in the permanent collection.
For Docents-in-Training: this series is included in the overall training fee.

Location: the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Italian Gallery (1st Floor).
All dates, times and locations are subject to change.

For more information, contact Christina Orbán-La Salle, tel. (1) 469-7291 or e-mail