Az Önkéntes Tárlatvezetői Program angol nyelvű előadássorozata

2012. szeptember 30. - 2010. november 4.

Thursdays 10.15 – 12.15

The Bible Illuminates Art
Inspired Reflections

The Bible has long been a source of profound inspiration for artists, especially the Old Masters. Over the centuries, their images have developed into a rich and enduring tradition. The Bible Illuminates Art Series helps art lovers of all faiths better understand these accounts in an artistic context. This autumn in an all-new series we will explore the wonderful collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest along topical themes. Inspired Reflections will deepen your appreciation of these works as we study the background, style, influences and innovations of individual artists while considering the painting’s subject matter.

Each class begins with a lecture illustrated by a PowerPoint presentation of paintings that relate to the topic. Then we move into the galleries for a closer look at the art.

Everyone is welcome – the lectures are open to all. Attend only a few or the whole series.

No need to register in advance.

Come when you can!

• 30 September 2010 More than Words
Art Illuminates the Bible

• 7 October 2010 The Religious Divide
Catholic and Protestant Influences Explored

• 14 October 2010 The Feminine Side of Art
Heroines plus Women Artists

• 21 October 2010 Heart and Soul
Emotion and Devotion

• 28 October 2010 Prophets of Old
The Unfolding Truth

• 4 November 2010 Magnificent Madonnas
The Tender Side of Art

For guests: the cost is HUF 1,600 per lecture.
Just buy a ticket at the lobby cashier right before the lecture - ask for a “Bible Illuminates Art Lecture Ticket”.

You do not need to pay for entry to the Museum in addition. After the lecture, please feel free to use this ticket to enjoy all the galleries in the permanent collection.

Location: the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Dutch Gallery (2nd Floor). All dates, times and locations are subject to change and will be duly announced. For more information, contact lecturer Jane Stevens.
Telephone: 06-30-622-1890 or e-mail: amFuZWluYnVkYXBlc3QjMSErI3lhaG9vLmNvbQ== (Please put “Bible/Art” in the subject line.)

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