Photography and video recording is allowed only in the permanent collection and requires a photo ticket (300 HUF) or a video ticket (1500 HUF), which is available at the cashier.
Visitors with a photo permit may take pictures of works in the collection for personal, non-commercial use, with a hand-held camera.
Flash and tripod are not permitted.
Photography in the temporary exhibition, including the use of video cameras and mobile phones with camera, is strictly prohibited.

Wedding photo shoot fee

A standard museum admission (to the permanent collection) plus a photo- or video permit cost will apply to those wishing to take wedding photographs.

Admission: 1800 HUF per person
Photo permit: 300 HUF - allows taking photos in the Marble Hall.
Video permit: 1500 HUF - allows taking pictures and videos in the Marble Hall, on the main interior staircases and on the first floor ambulatory.

Payment of the fee permits wedding photographs to be taken during opening hours.
Please note that you should arrive before the cashier’s closing time (5 pm) so as to be able to buy tickets and photo/video permits for the shoot.

Guidelines for groups participating in photo shoots

Each person admitted to the museum must pay an admission fee.
Tripod can be used everywhere, but flash is permitted only in the Marble Hall and on the main interior staircases until the half-landing.
General Museum Rules apply to groups taking part in photo shoots too.
Groups may not bring food or drink; this can be purchased and consumed in the Museum Café.
Wedding groups are asked to be courteous towards museum visitors and are asked to not disturb the public.
Thank you for your kind understanding and attention.