Art on Lake

2011.05.24. – 2011.09.04.

24 May 2011 - 24 June 2011

The summer exhibition on the City Park Boating Lake titled Art on Lake promises to be one of the most exciting artistic productions of the year. Over a period of three months the public will have the opportunity to see sculptures, most of which were especially made for this occasion by 25 noted artists from 14 EU countries at an exhibition organised by the Museum of Fine Arts set in this unusual venue. The contemporary exhibition of fine arts, which is the result of three years of work, is one of the most important and spectacular domestic cultural events of Hungary’s EU rotating presidency.

The Eight

17 May 2011 – 11 September 2011

17 May 2011 - 17 June 2011

The exhibition to run at the Museum of Fine Arts from the middle of May will present works by The Eight, a group of painters closely associated with the international trends that arose in the fine arts at the beginning of the 20th century. The Budapest show comprising some 200 works adopted a reworked concept of the recently closed The Eight in Pécs and will showcase prominent works selected from the Pécs exhibition. Although visitors to the Museum of Fine Arts will see fewer works, some pieces that were not displayed in Pécs will now be included in the Budapest exhibition. The Museum of Fine Arts is proud to host The Eight, since its permanent exhibition of European art provides an ideal framework for the masterpieces that represent perhaps the most outstanding period of Hungarian fine art.

Transparency - Looking Through

Vasarely Museum, Budapest

26 January 2011 - 26 February 2011

Transparency is an optical commonplace that is present everywhere. A material or object is truly transparent if we can sense it only through touch or by bumping into it, as it comes between the visible World and us.

Lucien Hervé 100

27 October 2010 – 30 April 2011

27 October 2010 - 27 November 2010

An exhibition of selected works by Lucien Hervé will run from 27 October at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts commemorating the 100th anniversary of the artist’s birth. Some one hundred photographs recently added to the museum’s collection as well as a large number of documents to be displayed for the public for the very first time will focus on the architectural photography of the Hungarian-born Lucien Hervé, while also providing a review of his entire oeuvre. The exhibition to run through 30 April is also a highlighted programme of the Hungarian Month of Photography 2010.


Vasarely Museum, Budapest

14 October 2010 - 14 November 2010

At this exhibition, artworks that have never been presented together enter into a surprising – but valid – relationship with each other. Jenő Barcsay’s late, dark images and Gábor Bódy’s experimental film, Miklós Erdély’s “sacred line” and Katalin Haász’s curves that return into themselves, István Harasztÿ’s wandering magnetic points and the laboursome stabilisation of Ladislav Galeta’s ball are all, for example, very different works in terms of genre, style and technique, but nevertheless share something in terms of their essence.

Fernando Botero’s paintings at the Museum of Fine Arts

30 September 2010 – 20 February 2011

30 September 2010 - 30 October 2010

Rotund and voluptuous forms, characteristically simple and expressive figures, people, animals and objects dominate the works of Colombian-born Fernando Botero. The language of his colourful and often luminous works is understandable for all; he opens up a seemingly distant Latin American reality and transforms it into a familiar world. His works are linked by the underlying quality of universality and his use of the most elemental gestures renders his ideas of the world and its various phenomena visible. Botero is a productive artist and a leading figure of contemporary art whose works can be found in public collections in countries across the world including Japan, Russia, Germany, Finland, Italy, Colombia and the United States. A selection of the masterpieces of the last twenty years can be seen at the Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest between 30 September 2010 and 23 January 2011.

Nuda Veritas. Gustav Klimt and the Origins of the Vienna Secession 1895–1905

23 September 2010 – 9 January 2011

23 September 2010 - 23 October 2010

The Museum of Fine Arts will stage an exhibition of the outstanding works dating from the early period of the Vienna Secession with Gustav Klimt as its emblematic figure. The core material of the two hundred or so pieces, mainly drawings and prints, is formed by the works from the collection of the Albertina in Vienna, complemented by drawings and some excellent paintings from Austrian, American and Japanese public and private collections. The exhibition will also include pieces from the Museum of Fine Arts’ own collection: works by the various members of the Secession group and pieces by foreign contemporary artists who once exerted great influence on them.

Autumn exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts

23 September 2010 – 23 January 2011

23 September 2010 - 23 October 2010

Three large-scale exhibitions will run at the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts this autumn. The opening event, with works by Klimt as its focal point, will feature the masters of the Vienna Secession. Then visitors can see a selection of oil paintings representing the idiosyncratic style of the Colombian Fernando Botero, and at the end of October a tribute will be paid to Hungarian-born Lucien Hervé, the father of architectural photography, through a display of his most prominent works.

Concrete photo, photogram

New exhibition at the Vasarely Museum of the Museum of Fine Arts

26 May 2010 - 26 June 2010

Vera Molnár / Cézanne

3 February 2010 – 30 June 2010

3 February 2010 - 3 March 2010