Extended opening hours at the exhibition Caravaggio to Canaletto at weekends

17 January 2014.

The exhibition Caravaggio to Canaletto is operating with extended opening hours at weekends from 31 of January until the end of the exhibition. The new opening hours are as follows:
31 January - 2 February (Fri-Sat-Sun): 9 am - 7 pm,
7-9 February (Fri-Sat-Sun): 9 am - 7 pm,
14-15 February (Fri-Sat): 9 am - 8 pm,
16 February (Sun): 9 am - 10 pm.
The exhibition area closes 10 minutes prior to the museum. The Ticket Desk closes one and half hours before the exhibition. The latest admission is one and half hours before the exhibition closure time.

Other exhibitions can be visited during their usual opening hours: the Permanent Collection between 10 am and 5.30 pm, the exhibition Raphael between 10 am and 5.50 pm.