A new, national public collection complex in Ötvenhatosok Square

As prescribed by a governmental decision of 4 July the national public collection complex with five buildings to be constructed in Ötvenhatosok Square will house six institutions: the New National Gallery and Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art, the Hungarian Ethnographic Museum, the Hungarian Museum of Architecture, the Hungarian Museum of Photography and the Hungarian House of Music.

The government has also made a decision on the economic consolidation of the Hungarian National Gallery: it is stipulated that an additional funding of 160 million forints will be provided to settle the debts of the institution, thus removing the obstacle to a decision made earlier to reunify the Gallery and the Museum of Fine Arts, which will now be implemented at the end of next month at the latest.

The significance of the construction of the new, national public collection complex in

Ötvenhatosok Square
can only be compared to that of the millennium building projects. Set in a park, the impressive ensemble of prestigious institutions will provide the opportunity to preserve and promote our national cultural identity. An iconic complex will come into being which at once will carry the legacy of our national past and provide opportunities in the long-term to rejuvenate our system of cultural institutions, thus increasing Hungary's cultural and touristic appeal and making it possible to present the internationally recognised Hungarian arts and national brands in a novel environment at a world class standard.

In the large scale development project the New National Gallery, which will come into being through the reunification of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Hungarian National Gallery, will be housed in a new building, along with the Ludwig Museum – Museum of Contemporary Art; thus, within the framework of a harmonised museological concept an overview can be provided of the Hungarian and European fine arts up to the period of the present day.

Worthy and modern places have been won in the new, national public collection complex by the Museum of Ethnography, the Hungarian Museum of Photography of Kecskemét, the Hungarian Museum of Architecture, whose incomparable collection has thus far had no permanent exhibition venue, and the museum of Hungarian music. In this way – together with the buildings of the Museum of Fine Arts and the Műcsarnok – an art museum complex of outstanding quality will come into being that will represent a new appeal on the continent's cultural map.

In harmony with the above investment the government regards the development of the whole City Park as being a necessity in order to create an attractive cultural and recreational quarter of a European standard. In order to achieve this the function of the City Park, which forms part of the World Heritage, will be renewed to preserve and strengthen the cultural and touristic values brought into being by our predecessors to commemorate the 1,000th anniversary of the Hungarian Conquest, while enriching this with a new building complex of world class standards.

As stipulated by the governmental decision, the final concept for the new, national public collection building complex must be ready by 30 September 2013. Based on this it is anticipated that the international architectural competition can be announced in 2014, and according to plan the new museum quarter will be able to open its gates to visitors in 2018.

According to plan this investment, worth several tens of billions of forints, will be implemented with the help of funds that will become available in the European Union's next budget cycle beginning in 2014.