The final pieces of the Sevso Treasure have returned to Hungary

12 July 2017.

Three years after the repatriation of the first seven pieces of the Sevso Treasure, Hungary has recovered the remaining seven items of this priceless hoard of spectacular Roman-era silverware. The treasure will go on display in the Hungarian Parliament from this Saturday, after which it will be exhibited in locations across the country before joining the Hungarian National Museum's collection.

The Situation of Artpool Is Finally Settled after Many Years

20 November 2015.

Many years had to pass for the situation of Artpool to be finally settled. The invaluable material of Artpool has been made part of the collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, allowing the art research centre to work in a well-established environment it deserved, with more researchers and a broader scope of operation


20 October 2014.

We kindly inform our visitors about that on Thursday, 30 October, the museum will be closed all day due to technical reason. Thank you for your kind understanding.