Working parties already on the job

1 March 2013.

The detailed concept for the institutions planned for the Museum Quarter on Ötvenhatosok tere (Fifty-sixers’ Square) was elaborated by working parties set up in February from the relevant experts and from delegates of professional organisations. The various materials that form the basis of the architectural project must be completed by the end of June.

In addition to the working parties of the existing institutions and the ones that will move here, a committee will develop the concept for the Hungarian House of Music, and separate groups have been placed in charge of the comprehensive development of the Museum Park, the Gastronomic Village (Cuisine of Hungarian Regions) and the concept for the National Museum Restoration and Storage Centre. The committees have 6-14 members made up of the present management of the institutions, delegates of professional organisations (Pulszky Society, ICOM, Hungarian Trade Association (OKSZ) chambers, Hungarian Academy of Arts (MMA)) and experts sought out from the relevant professional fields will also participate in the work.


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