Open competition for the location of the Museum Quarter’s buildings

15 July 2013.

The Museum of Fine Arts has issued an open competition for the location of the Museum Quarter buildings planned for the City Park and the restructuring of the environs attendant to this. The deadline for the submission of tenders is the beginning of September and the results will be announced on 3 October. The competition with a total prize money of 15 million forints forms part of the Liget Budapest project to renew the City Park complex.

A government decree issued on 2 July 2013finalised the decisionon the comprehensive utilization for the City Park, which comes as the second phase of a concept related to the new national public collection complex. To foster this, the government concurred that in the period between 2014 and 2020 the establishment of the Museum Quarter should be harmonised and implemented simultaneously with the complete renewal of the City Park,its comprehensive development into acultural and recreational park for families,as well asthe creation of the City Park’s own tourist and recreational identity and branding, along with the implementation of the necessary development projects.

The objective of the recentlyannouncedcompetition is to establish the optimum locations for the museum buildings to be constructed inthe City Park (the New National Gallery – together with the Ludwig Museum –, the Hungarian Museum of Ethnography, the Hungarian House of Music, the Hungarian Museum of Photography, and the Hungarian Museum of Architecture).

It is planned that the international architectural competition for the museums – for the confirmed locations based on the competition that has now been issued – will be announced inthe second half of 2013. According to plans, the investment will be realised using funds that will becomeavailable in the European Union’s next budgetarycycle beginning in 2014.

The new urban space (Liget Budapest) to be created through the comprehensive renewal and development of the City Park, which will take place on a scale not seen for more than a century, will serve a multiple objective. On the one hand, it is important forLiget Budapest to become a familyexperience centre of a European standard that will have an institutional network of unique complexity onthe European continent; in addition,it will be one that opens up a new dimension for cultural consumption and the spending leisure time in an urban space that already has traditions orientated in this way. An objective interrelated to this is that through the  development a new institutional complex and brand name will come into being, which could turn into one of Europe’s most attractive urban tourist destinations for families.

The central element of theLiget Budapest development is the establishment of the Museum Quarter, which will create an historical continuity between the prominent museums and arts institutions that have stood here for over a hundred years and the new cultural institutions to beconstructed here in the European architectural idiomof the early 21st century.

The aim of the development is for a network of institutions to come into being that cooperate and consolidate one another’s influence, while facilitating a diverseand comprehensive access to cultural treasures and providing various opportunitiesfor spendingleisure time. This can be achievedifthe cultural, recreational, gastronomical, knowledge- and experience-oriented institutions and services of a high standard consolidate and complement one another and are made as widely accessibleas possible.

Pursuant to the governmental decision, the objectives of the development are to be implemented along with increasing the utilisation value of the City Park, renewing the green space and transport systems, and enhancing the biological activity of the green space.

The tender can be found on the home page of the Chamber of Hungarian Architects: