Liget Budapest Project – civil co-operation programme and secondary school ideas competition

6 May 2014.

City Park Property Development Ltd. (Városliget Zrt.), which is responsible for the renewal and long-term development of the City Park, has launched a wide-ranging co-operation programme as well as an ideas competition, titled miLigetünk (ourPark) aimed at secondary school pupils. Representatives of the press and invited guests were informed about the programme and the competition at an event held in the Szent István Secondary School. Representatives from the National Association of Large Families and the We Love Zugló Association also participated.

Linked to the Liget Budapest Project aimed at the complete renewal and development of the City Park, City Park Property Development Ltd. announced an ideas competition, titled ourPark – You have a place in the City Park, for the secondary school pupils of Budapest districts 6., 7. and 14 . The aim of the creative ideas competition is for secondary school pupils who know and regularly use the City Park to directly participate in the renewal of the park, which is to be completely transformed.

"Incorporating ideas of the winning projects we wish to develop the City Park by allowing space for the creativity of those who use it every day. The deadline for the completion of the comprehensive development of the City Park is spring 2018, but work already began this year and some of the ideas that will spring from the competition will already be used in the park’s renewal this year,” László Baán, the ministerial commissioner of the project, said at the press conference on the competition.

Pupils can submit individual or group projects in two themes: one of the competitions provides the opportunity to make the graphic design for the benches that are to be renewed in the City Park. The objective is for all the benches to be renewed in the park to have a special, unique design and good functionality. In the other competition the young participants are asked to design the place in the City Park where they would like to spend the most time. They are expected to come up with the functions for the space and to design the same: the task is to create a public space covering an area of some 2,000 square metres suitable for 14-18-year-olds to spend their free time in an exciting and meaningful way. The place to be designed could be anything from a meeting place consisting of benches to a sports ground, fitness corner or indeed anything that would attract young people. The ideas from the best project will be used in the renewal of the park; thus, the winning team will have the opportunity to participate in the development of the City Park. Secondary school pupils from the districts surrounding the City Park are invited to enter the competition either individually or in small groups of a few members.

Adapted to the renewal of the City Park, the winning competitive project is expected to have a civil-communal function, demonstrate creativity and shape the environment, with other considerations being a positive message, originality, as well as the feasibility and clarity of the design.

The jury selecting the projects for implementation consists of members delegated by the City Park Property Development Ltd., the Museum of Fine Arts, the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, and Főkert Non-profit Ltd. According to the competition announcement the winners of the miPlaccunk (ourPlace) competition will receive vouchers that can be used in institutions found in the City Park: Széchenyi Baths, the City Park Skating Rink, the Museum of Fine Arts, the Municipal Zoo and the BRGR pavilion. In addition to the implementation of their designs, the winners of the bench design competition will each receive entrance tickets for the Rembrandt exhibition, to run in the Museum of Fine Arts from the end of October.

Please send competition works electronically (by e-mail, or in an attached file) by 23 May 2014 to the following e-mail address: bWlsaWdldHVuayMxISsjbGlnZXRidWRhcGVzdC5vcmc=, or to the following postal address: Városliget Zrt., 1064 Budapest, Dózsa György út 84/a. The electronic address is protected against spam robots. Please enable Javascript to view the page.

Further details can be found at the miLigetünk Facebook page, where competitors can ask their questions until 21 May.


Civil co-operation programme

As part of the preparatory process, ideas and opinions of civil organisations that know and use the City Park will also be considered in the Liget Budapest Project, which is aimed at the renewal and development of the City Park. The objective of the civil co-operation programme that has now been announced is to collect the needs and ideas arising in civil organisations regarding the renewal and development of the City Park and to maintain a continuous dialogue.

Work relating to the museums and the architectural designs to facilitate the renewal of the City Park began three years ago and thus far over 100 experts have participated in it. In addition to the heads of the institutions that will be allocated a place in the City Park, parties that also took part in the preparation and negotiations were museum and architectural organisations (including the Hungarian Chamber of Architects, the Association of Hungarian Architects, the ICOM Hungary - National Committee, the Pulszky Society, the Gyula Forster National Centre for Cultural Heritage Management, and experts from UNESCO) as well as leaders of the city of Budapest and the districts concerned. Continuous negotiations were carried out with the Centre for Budapest Transport, with Főkert Non-profit Ltd. and civil professional organisations.

The ideas and initiatives of the civil organisations should be sent by email to by cG9mZmljZSMxISsjbGlnZXRidWRhcGVzdC5vcmc= or by post to Városliget Zrt, 1064 Budapest, Dózsa György út 84/a.

The Liget Budapest Project is aimed at the complete renewal and complex development of the City Park. There has been enormous interest from all over the world in the international architectural design competition announced for the five buildings of the new museum quarter. So far some eighty thousand people from over 140 countries have clicked on the competition tender page, and almost two thousand five hundred registrations have been made for the competition. Thanks to the development – through the construction of new museum buildings, the renovation of institutions already operating here, as well as the reconstruction and expansion of the park’s green area – in the future the City Park will become Budapest’s family events park and one of its defining tourist and cultural destinations known throughout Europe.