Liget Budapest Project – International architectural design competition for five new museum buildings

3 March 2014.

In cooperation with City Park Property Development Zrt., the Museum of Fine Arts has launched a complex, open, international design competition for the museum buildings to be constructed in Budapest’s Városliget (City Park). The two partners are promoting four separate competitions in the framework of the Liget Budapest International Design Competition to construct the five new buildings, which will house six institutions. There is a competition for the common building of the New National Gallery and the Ludwig Museum of Contemporary Art, the building of the Museum of Ethnography and the Hungarian House of Music, while a joint call was put in for the FotoMuzeum Budapest and the Hungarian Museum of Architecture. The international design competition forms a part of the Liget Budapest Project aimed at the complex development and renewal of Városliget. Through the construction of the new museum buildings, the complete renewal and expansion of the park’s green area as well as the reconstruction and development of the institutions already operating there, Városliget will be transformed into one of Budapest’s key tourist and cultural destinations and family event parks, making it known all over Europe. The text of the call can be accessed at

For the first time in one hundred years: a completely open international design competition in Hungary

1 March 2014.

Registration began for the Liget Budapest International Architectural Design Competition on 27 February 2014. A summary of the competition and its set of rules are available for all those interested on the official homepage of the open, free, international, two-round, anonymous competition announced after a successfully completed ideas competition for the location of the Museum Quarter buildings with a record number of submitted projects, 3 years of preparatory work and agreements conducted with national architectural and museum organisations; supplementary materials to the individual competitions are available upon registration. Following registration applicants may submit questions in relation to the call until 13 March, and the deadline for the arrival of the competitive projects is 27 May 2014. The text of the design competition can be downloaded from


Open design competition for Europe’s biggest current museum project

3 October 2013.

Competition winners for the masterplan of Liget Budapest were announced today at the Museum of Fine Arts. As part of the project, the Hungarian Government plans to erect five new museum buildings in the forthcoming years in Budapest’s oldest public park, Városliget (City Park), also designated for complete reconstruction. László Baán, head of the museum and government commissioner of Liget Budapest says that as a result of the competition Városliget, already a favoured destination for Budapest families and tourists, is becoming one of the most important recreational and cultural hubs in Europe. A call for an international architectural design competition is to be published in January 2014, based on the results of the present idea competition, with the cooperation of the International Union of Architects (UIA).

Open competition for the location of the Museum Quarter’s buildings

15 July 2013.

The Museum of Fine Arts has issued an open competition for the location of the Museum Quarter buildings planned for the City Park and the restructuring of the environs attendant to this. The deadline for the submission of tenders is the beginning of September and the results will be announced on 3 October. The competition with a total prize money of 15 million forints forms part of the Liget Budapest project to renew the City Park complex.

Working parties already on the job

1 March 2013.

The detailed concept for the institutions planned for the Museum Quarter on Ötvenhatosok tere (Fifty-sixers’ Square) was elaborated by working parties set up in February from the relevant experts and from delegates of professional organisations. The various materials that form the basis of the architectural project must be completed by the end of June.

The plan for the implementation of the Museum Quarter gathers speed

10 February 2013.

Five new museum buildings will be constructed through an international architectural competition. The Museum of Fine Arts’ Romanesque Hall will also be renovated and a new conservation-restoration and storage centre will be built.

Caravaggio to Canaletto

Caravaggio to Canaletto

Newton opening

Newton opening

Schiele opening

Schiele opening