Museum+: Theatre

6.00 p.m.-10.00 p.m.

„All the world's a stage" –  Guided tours in the Permanent Collection (in Hungarian)
Special guided tour by our guest:

7.00 p.m. Róbert Alföldi – Director of the National Theatre (in Hungarian)

Meeting point: at the top of the main stairs

8.00 Guided tour in English! „Painted Tragedies and Comedies in the Italian Galleries" by Tünde Tuscher

Meeting point: at the top of the main stairs

8.15 p.m. „Inspiration and Improvisation" (ground floor, Barokk Csarnok)

Our guest is the Grund Theatre

Title:  A sors fonala (Threads of Fate)

Period costumes – photography! Try on the unique costumes of the National Theatre and our photographer will take a snapshot of you.

6.00-9.30 Workshop (Reneszánsz Csarnok)

Portable puppet theatre made of recycled material!

6.00-9.30 Jazz Salon – Gábor Skerletz (trombonist) and Attila Juhász (pianist)

An introduction to the Szent Tamás Winery, (Tokaj) with wine tasting

„Artists' Favourites" provided by the Remíz Restaurant and Brasserie

Upcoming Museum Plus events

12 July. Music

Programmes are subject to change.