Volunteer Management in Cultural Institutions

2012. április 5.

An In-service Training will be held for coordinators of museum volunteer programs on practical issues and hints between 4-10th October 2012 in Budapest by our volunteer program managers. Grundtvig grant application is accepted until 29 April.

Volunteer Management in Cultural Institutions – Practical issues and hints
In-Service Training for coordinators of museum volunteer programmes
4-10th October 2012
Budapest, Hungary

How to engage volunteers? How to keep them motivated on the long term? How to represent both the institution and the volunteers? These are general questions of volunteer coordinators.
Join an international group, learn new ideas and share your experiences!
The course is mostly based on interactive training exercises, there are a few presentations held, but participants are encouraged to participate in volunteer activities as well.

By Whom?
Workshop sessions are provided by Izabella Csordás, the Founder and Coordinator of the Volunteer Programme in the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest in cooperation with her assistant coordinator.

For Whom?
For present and future coordinators of volunteer programmes in cultural institutions. Maximum number of participants: 14, minimum number of participants: 6.

How much?
The course fee is 700 EUR due until 15th August 2012, paid by bank transfer.

Scholarships: there is an option for European volunteer coordinators to receive a grant covering all expenses.Grundtvig grant can be requested by submitting an application to your National Agency (please check here:

In most countries the last available deadline for this course is 29th April 2012. If invitation is needed for a Grundtvig In-Service training grant, please pre-register by April 12th to allow enough time that we post you the original invitation.

Please send the signed application form and your CV back to us until 30th June.
per post: Museum of Fine Arts,1396 Budapest 62., POB. 463., Hungary

per e-mail: dm9sdW50ZWVyIzEhKyNzemVwbXV2ZXN6ZXRpLmh1
per fax: +36-1-428-2074

For more information please click here:
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