Current Programmes and General Information - 2015

General Information

We would like to inform our Friends that the majority of our programmes are in Hungarian.
When asked for, invitations to the Friends' programmes (in Hungarian) are sent to the e-mail address provided at the members' registration.

Our programmes can be attended with a confirmed registration/payment via our online programme registration site available here or via e-mail registration sent to baratikor(at) and followed by the payment of the programme fee at the Museum Shop. Our Donors and Contributors enjoy the possibility of pre-registration to all our programmes.

Current Friends' Programmes

♦ 2 April: Art lecture in the Hungarian National Gallery with dr. István Németh

♦ 7 April: guided tour in the Hopp Ferenc Museum with Béla Kelényi

♦ 14 and 28 April: guided tours of the Lechner: the crative genius in the Museum of Applied Arts

♦ 16 April: guided tour of the Photographed by Vilmos Zsigmond in the Ludwig Museum

♦ Between 18 April and 9 May: special art lecture with József Rozsnyai.

♦ White Nights in St. Petersburg: 7 days art excursion to St. Petersburg, Russia between 22-28. June

Our Programmes in 2015

♦ In the footsteps of József Rippl-Rónai: 2-days art excursion to Kaposvár between 6-7. March.

♦ In the footsteps of Gaudí: 7-days art excursion to Barcelona between 23-29. March.

♦ 11 February: guided tour of the Turning Points exhibition with Zsolt Petrányi.

♦ 3 February: guided tour of the The hert of the Beauty exhibition with Györgyi Fajcsák.

♦ From 10 January to 7 February: special lectures with Art Historian István Németh about the dutch golden age.

♦ Between 6 december 2014 to 14 February 2015: special guided tours in the collections of the Museum of Fine Arts.

13, 19, 28 January: guided tour in the Rembrandt and the dutch golden age exhibition with Ildikó Ember and Júlia Tátrai

21 January: special visit to the Katona József Teathre.

27 January: guided tour in the Rippl-Rónai and Maillol exhibition in the National Gallery with Eszter Földi.