‘Behind the Scenes’ Programmes

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♦ 26 September 2012: Works of Art and Criminal Cases - visit to the exhibition with Béla Vukán from the National Tax and Customs Administration, and visit to the deposit of the Classical Antiquities collection with Marianna Dági

♦ 12 and 25 April, 2 May 2012: visit to the restoration rooms of the Old Sculpture Collection with Art historian Pattantyús Manga and Restorer Ildikó Boros

♦ 12 January, 16 February and 8 March 2012: visit to the storage of the Old Sculpture Collection with Head of Department Miriam Szőcs

♦ 14 May 2011: visit to the Library of the Museum of Fine Arts with Deputy-Director Eszter Illés and in the restoration rooms with Miklós Szentkirályi, Head of the Restoration Department

♦ 16 October 2010:  lecture on the exhibition policy and artwork rental practice by Ilona Balogh

♦ 26 June 2010: guided tour in the restoration workshop of the Museum of Fine Arts with restorer András Fáy

♦ 19 May 2010: lecture on the organization of exhibitions in the Museum of Fine Arts by Sára Schilling, head of Exhibition Programme Management

♦ 6 June 2009: visit to the Museum’s Graphics Department’s Restoration Workshop with the professional help of Munkácsy Prize recipient and restoration artist, István Pankaszi

♦ 7 February and 7 March 2009: guided tour through the operational area of the Museum with Imre Vas, Head of the Operational Department; introduction of the expansion plans of the Museum of Fine Arts by project director Zoltán Rostás

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