Sassetta - Jovánovics

3 April 2009 – 3 June 2009

3 April 2009 - 3 May 2009

It is close to one hundred years now that artists fundamentally changed their opinion about the object of artistic creation. For hundreds of years the object of art seemed to be the accurate translation of the objects of nature. When, with the invention of the camera, this could be realised visibly and precisely, artists shifted their focus to depicting their opinions formed about the world.

A gap gradually opened between the works of art and their audience only to eventually deepen into a chasm. The presently opening dossier exhibition aims to bridge this gap. In 2009, the museum will exhibit old and new works that have a shared theme but a different way of representing it.

The first part of the newly launched series is a tribute to György Jovánovics, who turned 70 this year. Next to the relief he made in the winter of 2008 he personally selected a panel of the altarpiece by Sassetta (ca. 1400-1450), a master from Siena, as a "companion piece" from the Museum of Fine Arts' Old Masters' Gallery. According to the artist, they both explored spatial depth and the existence of objects in space with an unbiased eye.

catalogue of the exhibition

Sassetta - Jovánovics
Sassetta - Jovánovics
György Jovánovics  (1939 - ), Relief 08.01.17, 2008 Sassetta, St Thomas Aquinas at Prayer, 1423