Contemporary Hungarian Artists Respond

6 July 2006 - 6 August 2006

For centuries, Rembrandt has been one of the European artists providing the most inspiration to Hungarian culture – comprising literature, visual arts and film. On the occasion of the 400th anniversary of his birth, Hungarian contemporary artists formulate just what the oeuvre of the Dutch Master means to them, what sorts of questions – and responses – arise within them in connection with Rembrandt's art. The visitor to the exhibition encounters artworks created exclusively for this occasion. The curator, consultants and the exhibiting artists intend for their works to carry on an animated dialogue not only with Rembrandt, but also with each other. And with this, our endeavour has transcended the customary limits of paying one's respects.

Sándor Rácmolnár, Windmill after Rembrandt, 2006
Sándor Rácmolnár, Windmill after Rembrandt, 2006

Participating artists: Imre Bak, András Bernát, Eszter Csurka, Magda Csutak, Bazil Duliskovich, El Kazovszkij, Péter Forgács, György Jovánovics, Zsigmond Károlyi, Ilona Keserű, Frigyes Kőnig, Péter Lajtai Langer, István Nádler, István Orosz, Gyula Pauer, Sándor Rácmolnár, Zoltán Szegedy-Maszák, János Szirtes.

Curator: András Rényi
Consultants: László Beke, Judit Geskó, István Hajdu, Krisztina Jerger, József Készman

The exhibition was sponsored by Citigroup.