Hands-on Art for All

In Each Other’s Hand

2 May 2013 - 26 May 2013

Organised in conjunction with the Kézzelfogható Foundation and linked to the European Equal Opportunities Day, the Museum of Fine Arts will host a hands-on exhibition, a conference and interactive creative workshops. The special exhibition, running from 2nd May, is aimed at providing the opportunity for visually impaired and blind people to share in the exhibition experience with the sighted and interactively support each other in the understanding and reception of the event.

The exhibition will be followed by a conference on 3rd May, while interactive workshops organised according to groups of impairment will take place in the morning of 4th May.

Szemereki Teréz: Tajtékzó tenger

The hands-on experience will showcase works and thematic pieces by contemporary fine and applied artists, as well as works by visually, audibly and mentally impaired people, highlighting the diversity of materials used, both in terms of colour and texture. During the conference discussions by non-impaired artists, therapists and artists living with impairment will focus on the relationship between living with impairments and the arts. The event’s main patron is Miklós Soltész, State Secretary in Charge of Social, Family and Youth Affairs of the Ministry of National Resources.

Szabó Edit: Róka


Kecskés Krisztina: Nagy kékség

The museum’s new exhibition will display one work by each one of some thirty sighted and visually impaired artists. Thanks to the diverse application of materials, techniques and forms, the show will ensure a manifold experience for all visitors.

As a special feature, sighted visitors will be able to take the exhibited works in their hands led by visually impaired guides: blindfolded visitors will have the opportunity to rely on visually impaired and blind tour guides and thus explore the works in a truly novel way.

Events linked to the exhibition:
3rd May, Friday – Professional conference, Museum of Fine Arts
“Art and Accessibility, the Chances of a Permanent Hands-on Exhibition, and Obstacles in the Way of Equal Access”

4th May, Saturday – Interactive Day, Museum of Fine Arts