Geniuses and Masterpieces IV.

The Enigmatic Man - Tizian: Portrait of the man with blue-green eyes

2 June 2006 - 2 July 2006

The Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest in its centennial year launched an exceptional series comprising six exhibitions, in the framework of which, over the course of the year, we present masterpieces as yet unseen here, lent by some of the most important museums of the world, complementing them with additional works from our own collection. In this fourth chapter of the series, we return to Titian, the central figure of the opening show. This time, Portrait of the man with blue-green eyes from the Palazzo Pitti, Florence is accompanied by 16th century portraits of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

Titian, Portrait of a Man,<br> Florence, Palazzo Pitti
Titian, Portrait of a Man,
Florence, Palazzo Pitti
Giorgione, Portrait of a Youth,<br> Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts
Giorgione, Portrait of a Youth,
Budapest, Museum of Fine Arts

In spite of the Portrait of the man with blue-green eyes, painted between 1540–45, being one of Titian's most beautiful portraits, we know nothing about the model for the picture. Whereas numerous speculations have emerged over the past century about the male personage set before the viewer, with his indifferent, self-confident elegance, the mystery has remained unsolved to this day. Perhaps the renowned scholar of Renaissance art, Rona Goffen, is correct: she conjectures that the depicted man is a model in the strictest sense of the word, similar to the many female portraits of the era, as an embodiment of ideal beauty.

With the presentation of the 16th century Italian portraits from our own collection on view in this show alongside Titian's masterpiece, we would like to render palpable the outstanding significance occupied by the Venetian master in the history of the genre.
Curator of the exhibition: Axel Vécsey

The exhibition series Geniuses and Masterpieces was sponsored by OTP Bank and MOL.
This exhibition was sponsored by Deloitte.