Gábor Térey Memorial Exhibition

2 December 2006 – 7 February 2007

2 December 2006 - 2 January 2007

The Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, celebrating its centennial this year, has Gábor Térey to thank for its first expertly arranged permanent exhibition. The young, ambitious professional, who had studied at universities abroad, arranged an exhibition accompanied by a scholarly catalogue, which was of the same standard as that of the great European galleries, and which contributed in great measure to the international renown of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest.

With the presentation of the life oeuvre of Gábor Térey (1864–1927), we direct attention to the first quarter-century of the existence of the institution now celebrating its jubilee, to the period in which Térey, as the head of the Old Masters' Gallery, endeavoured to establish a gallery of European reputation, while he also accomplished significant work as a scholar and museologist. As the director of the gallery, he aspired to present the history of painting in a comprehensive way, with paintings of a high standard. In spite of the difficult financial conditions, the Old Masters' Gallery under his leadership was enriched with some three-hundred-and-fifty works within twenty years. Furthermore, the complete catalogue of the archive of etchings at the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest is also associated with his name. In the chamber exhibition devoted to the memory of Gábor Térey, we would like to render palpable the determinative role of this multifaceted personality with the presentation of a number of his important acquisitions.

Curator of the exhibition: Orsolya Radványi