Exemplification as Art

Exemplifikation wird Kunst

2 November 2007 - 2 December 2007

Exemplification as Art is the title given to the exhibition of constructive/concrete art compiled by the Galerie St. Johann in Saarbrücken and open to the public from November in the Vasarely Museum in Budapest as part of a travelling exhibition, thanks to OSAS (Nyílt Struktúrák Művészeti Egyesület/Open Structures Art Society).

The travelling exhibition was launched in the Wilhelm-Hack Museum in Ludwigshafen, and the visitors to the Hungarian exhibition have the opportunity to enjoy its extended version, featuring acclaimed artists from the international concrete art scene, such as Jo Enzweiler, Sigurd Rompza, Hans-Jörg Glattfelder, Vera Molnar, Ewerdt Hilgemann, Heijo Hangen and others. The unusual title has its own story. A group was formed by several reputed artists some 40 years ago and since then have consistently carried out their objectives. Recently, they have been participating in the (art) theory research projects conducted by Saarbrücken University by staging a series of exhibitions focussing on various themes; the current exhibition displays concrete works to confirm the extensive textual material in the accompanying catalogue which explores the interpretation of descriptive and non-descriptive art and strives to establish order in the chaos of definitions by relying on the most recent results of the science of image.

Exemplification as Art is the fifth exhibition organised by Open Structures Art Society in the Vasarely Museum in Óbuda, Budapest. The objective of the joint project of the Museum of Fine Arts and OSAS is to make the Vasarely Museum into a new forum of Hungarian and international art and create a community space which can successfully mediate the values of contemporary art to the wider audience.

OSAS was established in February 2006 in Budapest as an independent initiative of artists acting as private individuals with a two-fold objective: to have a forum for themselves and their works and to engage artists of the older generation in an extended dialogue.

More information at www.osas.hu