... And the Incas Arrived

Treasures from Peru before the Spanish Conquerors

18 May 2007 - 18 June 2007

The "And the Incas Arrived..." exhibition aims to provide a comprehensive view of culture and art in Peru before the Spanish conquerors. The nearly two hundred exhibited art works demonstrate the development and expressive forms of the art of the successive and overlapping cultures. Besides the historic and anthropological relevance, the artistic elaboration also makes these objects unique. The exhibition includes ceramics, textiles, as well as extraordinarily jewelries made of gold and silver.



The Spanish conquerors found a politically organized, centralized empire in the region of contemporary Peru, which was both geographically and ethnically diverse. Tahuantinsuyo, "the Land of the Four Regions" controlled by the aristocracy and the Inca worshipped as the Sun King, intervolved the age-long artistic heritage, rituals and religious images of different cultures. The thematic exhibition, with the help of material remembrances, leads the visitors from Chavín, which is considered as the "Mother culture," to the successive cultures living in harmony with nature in different geographical landscapes – along the seashore, in the mountains and in the rainforests; and to the artistic formation of the Inca Empire. The exhibition demonstrates the different attributes of the individual cultures, the development of their artistic-aesthetic world views as well as their styles and applied technical solutions.

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