16 January 2014.

Thursday 6.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m.

“IN THE STORM OF PASSIONS” - walks in the collection

6.15 p.m. and 7.45 p.m. Hot tears and cold blood – Evelyn Brockmann
Meeting point: 1st floor, at the entrance to the Department of Italian Art (in Hungarian)

7.30 p.m. and 8.45 p.m. Destructive forces, raging desires – Sára Jalsoviczky
Meeting point: 1st floor, at the entrance to the Department of Art after 1800 (in Hungarian)

8.00 p.m. Guided tour in English: Passion and Its Consequences by Hana Benova
Meeting point: at the top of the main stairs, in front of the Italian Collection

(in Hungarian)
7.00 p.m. Viktor Segal - chef, gastronomic adviser
(2nd floor, the Netherlandish Collection)
8.30 p.m. Livius Varga - fantast
(1st floor, hall nr.6)

6.30 p.m. MUSEUMCAFÉ LIVE (Baroque Hall)
(in Hungarian)
Caravaggio to Canaletto – Museum of Fine Arts from one period to the next
Gábor Martos, the editor-in-chief of MuseumCafé, in conversation with Klára Garas, retired director-general of the Museum of Fine Arts and Zsuzsa Dobos, the curator of the exhibition.

WORKSHOP (6.00-9.30 p.m., Renaissance Hall)

  • 50 shades of red: collage and lantern making with red, deep red, crimson and claret tones  and paper of different textures
  • Light in the night: joint workshop for the blind and the sighted

MUSIC: Ordiman (Electro Swing) and La’ Hanzel
WINE: Abbey Winery Pannonhalma
, the winery of Caravaggio wines (Marble Hall)
BUFFET: Remíz Café and Pub (Marble Hall)
TEA HOUSE: taste the delicious teas of the Big Ben Tea House (Marble Hall)
Visiting the exhibition titled Caravaggio to Canaletto at the Museum+ event

The exhibition Caravaggio to Canaletto can only be viewed by those with a Museum+ wristband ticket and a separately purchased supplementary ticket valid for a particular time slot. Due to the high number of visitors, please enter the exhibition within the time slot specified on your ticket. Thank you.

Supplementary ticket for the exhibition Caravaggio to Canaletto: HUF 600
Discounted supplementary ticket: HUF 200

Dear Visitors, Please be informed that due to regulations about the protection of artworks the guided tours can only be attended in limited numbers and strictly on a first come first served basis. Please keep this in mind when you plan your visit.

In 2014 the Museum+ evenings will take place on alternate days at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest (MFAB) and the Hungarian National Gallery (HNG)

13th February                   Carnival (HNG)
6th March                          Underground (MFAB)
10th April                            Men and Women (HNG)
8th May                              Dance (MFAB)
18th September              Luxury (MFA)
9th October                     The Body (HNG)
13th November                Yonder World (MFAB)
11th December                Secrets (MNG)