6 March 2014.

Thursday 06.00-10.00 pm.

“Cut the clatter, cut natter, need no funky nor the punk, all we need is undergrund” walks in the collection

20.00 Guided tour in English: Three Underground Movements that Changed the Course of History by Vera Kovács 
Meeting point: at the top of the main stairs, in front of the Italian Collection

GUEST GUIDES (in Hungarian):
Zoltán Hegyi,
journalist, lead singer of the band Sexepil
, street artist

LIVE MUSEUMCAFÉ (in Hungarian, Baroque Hall) - CANCELED
From street to museum – the “institutionalizing” of street art

REMAKEworks Slam Poetry evening

Workshop (6 pm – 9.30 pm, Renaissance Hall)

  • Graffiti on the wall of the Museum? – Street art techniques in the Museum
  • Light in the night – joint workshop for the blind and the sighted

Zsófi Kemény
Márton Simon
Márk Süveg Saiid

accompanied by Amoeba:
Péter Sabák– bass guitar
Viktor Sági - guitar
Levent Boros - drums

MUSIC: Savages Y Suefo/Noir York (Marble Hall)

WINE: Underground wines by Winelovers (Marble Hall)

Wineries from Terra Hungarica:

-      Csobánci Bormanufaktúra – Badacsony
-      Pelle Pince – Tokaj
-      Pósta Borház – Szekszárd

BUFFET: Remíz Café and Beer House (Marble Hall)
PÁLINKA: Schiszler Pálinka (Marble Hall)
TEA HOUSE: try the tasty teas of Big Ben Tea House (Marble Hall)

We would like to call your attention to the fact that in order to ensure the protection of artworks the number of participants in the guided walks is limited. Visitors are admitted in order of arrival.

Upcoming dates and themes:

In 2014 Museum+ events are staged at the Museum of Fine Arts and the National Gallery alternately.

April 10     Man and Woman (HNG)
May 8       Dance (MFA)
September 18  Luxury (MFA)
October 9 Bodies (HNG)
November 13 The Hereafter (MFA)