FINISSAGE Uecker. Material Becomes Picture

17 March 2013 - 17 March 2017

Sunday at 4 p.m.
Museum of Fine Arts, Baroque Hall

Where words fail to express is where the image, the artistic content begins. Yet what I strive to convey is like a still pond sometimes, with a depth we can only imagine and a surface that shows an alluring reflection...  (Günther Uecker)

Discussion with the artist
Günther Uecker
Alexander Tolnay Curator
Konrad Kreuzer Main Sponsor of the exhibition, Chairman of the Board of E.ON Hungária Zrt.

On prepared piano:
Timea Djerdj (a selection from John Cage's sonatas)

Film screening
Günther Uecker: Nagelfeldzug (Campaign of Nails). 17' 13", 1969

The language of the event will be German. Simultaneous translation from German to Hungarian will be supplied.

Visitors who wish to visit the exhibition have to purchase a ticket. The exhibition closes at 5.50 p.m.
Participation at the Discussion is free.