Zoltán Horváth

Horváth ZoltánZoltán Horváth

Email: zoltan.horvath(at)szepmuveszeti(dot)hu

Zoltán Horváth received his MA in Egyptology in 2001 at the Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest. Between 2002 and 2007, he gave courses on ancient Egyptian papyrology, palaeography and Middle Kingdom settlement archaeology at the Department of Egyptology, and he also participated in the university's fieldwork projects (Hungarian Archaeological Mission at Thebes and Eastern Desert Project). In 2004, Zoltán Horváth entered the Department of Egyptian Antiquities as a Genthon Research Fellow, and he is now a Curator there.

Research interests
• Cultural topography and the archaeology of religion
• Urbanisation, social life and settlement archaeology of the Memphis-Fayum region in the Middle Kingdom
• Hieratic documents from El-Lahun

Current departmental/museum projects/works
• Study of various Old and Middle Kingdom artefacts
• Study and publication of the fertility figurines
• Director of the museum's El-Lahun Survey Project

Previous departmental/museum projects/works
• Participation in the organization of temporary exhibitions Repelling demons – protecting newborns: a 4000-year old magic wand in the Egyptian Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts Budapest (Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, 2005); Ferenczi and the Budapest School of psychoanalysis in the 20th Century (Central Gallery Budapest, 2006); Egyptian Renaissance (Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, 2008)
• Participation in the museum's Docent Program – Ancient Egyptian Religion and Mythology (2008)

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Catalogue items
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Exhibition report
• Egyptian Renaissance. Archaism and the Sense of History in Ancient Egypt, BMHBA 108-109 (2008) 146-149.