Mummies uncovered

Budapest Mummy Project

In spring 2011 the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest launched a comprehensive program (Budapest Mummy Project) devoted to the interdisciplinary research of four mummified bodies in the Egyptian Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest.

Beyond the Egyptological approach, the program includes scientific methods and medical diagnostic techniques, such as X-raying and CT-scanning, histological study, radiocarbon and DNA analysis of the mummies. The aim of the research program is to 'resurrect' four human beings who lived in Ancient Egypt and personalize their past, through the reconstruction of the facial features and the anthropological properties of their bodies in order to rewrite four chapters in Ancient Egyptian history.

The results of the Project will be rendered and interactively explored in 3D. These 3D models will form the base of a temporary exhibition called 'Mummies uncovered', which presents Egyptian mummies in stereo 3D display for the first time in the world. The exhibition is based on four thematic parts on Egyptian mummies in the Egyptian Collection of the Museum of Fine Arts complemented by a 3D display with stereo 3D animation about the results of the mummy research, such as virtual unwrapping of mummies, facial reconstruction of Hortesnakht, paleopathology (age physical features, diseases of the mummies) and mummification (technique of eviscaration, conservation, wrapping).