Class visits in the Permanent Collection

The visit consists of two parts. First the students explore works of art connected with the topic in the gallery. This is followed by a creative art session in the studio. We offer class visits in a variety of topics.

Duration: 2 hours
Age group: primary and secondary school students
Maxium number of participants: 30 person
Price: 15 000 HUF + entrance fee

Pre-Museum Visit
If you would like a museum educator to come to your school to run a pre-museum visit, there is an additional charge of 2 500 HUF/group. For schools outside the Budapest city limits, a 4 000 HUF surcharge is added per school.

Booking and information:
Tel.: 469 7180


Ages / Stories / People
• Mythological StoriesBible Stories
• People Here and There
• Stories and Tales
• Kings, Princesses and Nobles

Social Studies and Science
• Plants and Trees
• Animals
• The Four Seasons
• Landscapes and Gardens
• Water, Water Everywhere

• What is a Museum?
• Genres in Painting
• Styles
• Perspective
• Elements of Painting (color, light and brush strokes)

Branches of Art
• Music
• Dance
• Literature
• Eating and Drinking
• Fashion