Pirate Attack Chapter 2 – Dreams

A Summer Camp Adventure in English for 12-14 and 15-18 year olds

June 23-28: 12-14 year olds – A2 level
July 7-11:  15-18 year olds B1 level

Cornelia’s desperate to get more information about her brother’s, Willem’s, whereabouts. He joined a pirate ship, but now seems to be on an island far, far away. Who can she talk to? Meanwhile, Willem’s having the strangest dreams. Was he really asleep or just hallucinating? Could it have been something he ate?

Follow Cornelia’s and Willem’s adventures while exploring the collection at the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. Over the course of the week you'll use and improve your English language writing, speaking and listening skills in the gallery as well experiment with materials and art techniques in the studio.

To ensure that everyone begins the week at more or less the same level, we ask you to come in for a brief chat. Set up an appointment with Litza Juhász by sending an email to:

9.00-12.00 Activities in the gallery
12.00-12.30 Lunch 
12.30-13.30 Short walk in the park                                                                                     
14.00-16.00 Art Activities in the studio

Participation Fee: 25,000 HUF (Including lunch)
Maximum of 10 participants/group

For registration and more information: bXV6ZXVtcGVkYWdvZ2lhIzEhKyNzemVwbXV2ZXN6ZXRpLmh1 Tel: 469-7180 (M-F: 10.00-13.00 and 14.00-17.00)