Zoltán Kárpáti and Eszter Seres, Italian and French Prints before 1620: An On-Line Catalogue, Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest 2012

The catalogue of Italian and French Renaissance prints, containing nearly 4.600 objects, is the first complete publication of a section from the rich collection of 100.000 prints preserved in the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest. The only attempt to record the Museum’s prints was made by Gábor Térey in 1910, who published a simple index listing the number of prints in the collection under the names of printmakers. In addition to the standard description of the objects, the new on-line catalogue includes the states of the impressions, lists and annotates the most relevant references, and adds curatorial comments summarizing the prints’ relations to other artworks and their different attributions.

In our time, when new on-line resources appear on the internet by the day, it is obviously an urgent obligation of museums to provide access to their collections’ holdings by compiling digital catalogues. This is the first occasion that the Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest launched a complete catalogue on-line. As opposed to printed books, an on-line publication holds much promise for making information more current and widely available. Their content may be revised and updated regularly, use and search is much more efficient, and high-resolution images allow close examination of the objects. Regarding that the collection preserves a significant number of Italian and French prints produced between 1450 and 1620, we hope that the new on-line catalogue may become a useful reference for scholars, students as well as for the widest possible audience.

The development of the website was supported by the National Cultural Fund of Hungary.

The on-line catalogue is available at www.printsanddrawings.hu