How was it made?

Old Masters' Gallery

What was life like then?
During the museum visit, students listen to a guided tour given by a museum educator int he Old Masters' Gallery. Afterwards they can check their knowledge by filling out a worksheet appropriate to their age group.

Target Age Group: upper elementary and high school students
Length of Visit: about 90 minutes
Cost : 7000 HUF/ group

How was it made?
After choosing a topic, class visits may be arranged in any area of the Old Masters' Gallery. The visit consists of two parts: exploring works of art connected with the topic in the gallery followed by a creative art session in the studio.

While our staff has run a wide variety of sessions covering all sorts of topics, we list a few here to give an idea of the range available.

Lower Primary
• Representations of children in works of art
• Stories in pictures
• The five senses
• Animals all around: farm animals, fantasy creatures, horses, cats...

Upper Primary and High School
• Ship journeys and trade in the 17th century
• Cities, sea scapes and gardens portrayed by impressionist painters
• The history of writing and the symbolic value of books
• The history of „story books." From books of prints to modern catalogues (class visit in cooperation with the Museum of Fine Arts Library.

Target Age Group: elementary and high school students
Length of Visit: 2 hours
Cost : 8000 HUF/ group

To book and get more information, please write to bXV6ZXVtcGVkYWdvZ2lhIzEhKyNzemVwbXV2ZXN6ZXRpLmh1 or phone us between 10.00 -13.00 és 14.00 - 17.00 Monday – Friday at 469 7180.