Eyes on Art

Class visits can be tailor made to relate directly with the school curriculum or be chosen from the list below. Works of art might be chosen from one of the museum's collections (e.g. still-lifes) or from many of them (e.g. cats). While some listed topics have been chosen for younger or older learners, many can be adapted for all age groups. The activities and discussion emphasize learning to read works of art, use background information to decipher what they see and apply it to new situations as well integrate it, the culture it came from and the messages found in it into students' own lives.
These class visits consist of three parts. During the Pre-Museum Visit a museum educator visits the class at school to introduce the topic get to know one another. During the Museum Visit students spend one hour in the gallery exploring and carefully looking at the works of art and then one hour in the museum's studio creating their own art. The museum educator and the accompanying teacher discuss possible follow-up activities for the Post-Museum Visit, to be held at school and led by a school teacher.

This session allows students to process their experience and integrate it into their everyday learning.


◊ Comics
◊ Seasons
◊ Shapes and forms
◊ Portrayal of People
◊ Gods and Heroes
◊ Animals
◊ Water throughout the Ages
◊ Stories in Pictures
◊ Optical Illusions

Topics Connected with Temporary Exhibitions

◊ Series: Tom and Laura's Time Travel Adventure
◊ Painting Surfaces: fresco, wood panel, canvas and paper
◊ Genres: stilllife, landscape, portrait és genre painting

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