Egyptian Art

Class visits for elementary-school and high-school students
(In English and German languages)
This student workshop is based on the material of the Egyptian department. It supports and enriches the curriculum the students have to cope with in class offering an in-depth insight into the history of Egyptian culture through the exhibited objects.

Thematic visits for elementary-school children:
Instead of a "traditional" guided tour when the guide shows one show-case after the other the children here study the exhibited objects in thematic units and come into contact with the collection within the scope of their in-class lessons.

Optional subjects:

- Natural history
- Literature
- History Art
- Social history

These special guided tours are for students in upper levels of elementary school. The museum educator collaborates with the art educator of the school and they talk over the topics the students have already learnt in class. The workshop itself aims to broaden the students background knowledge.
(Duration of workshops: 45-90 minutes)

Class visits for elementary – and high-school students:
First, the Egyptologist-museum educator provides information on the culture of ancient Egypt, gods and goddesses, mummification and several other aspects of its art and religion. In the second part of the workshop students can check out their knowledge solving entertaining tasks in connection with the exhibited items.

Creative workshop for elementary and high-school students:
The workshop is divided into two parts and combines education with entertainment. First, the students listen to a presentation of the Egyptian collection in the traditional sense then they can test their manual skills trying out ancient techniques. The artisan workshops are held in the museum's potter's workshop where students can produce colored (glazed, engobe) scrolls, amulets (udjat eye, sign of anch, scarab, djed-column), shabtis, pearls and animal statuettes. They can stitch beads and amulets into necklaces.
(Duration of workshop: 3-4 hours)