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Virgin and Child

Artist: Andrea Pisano
(Pontedera ca. 1295 – 1348/1349 Orvieto)

Date: ca. 1335
Medium: alabaster
Dimensions: 36 × 12 × 7 cm
Classification: sculpture
Inventory Number: 7167
Department: Sculpture

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Virgin and Child

This statuette is a masterpiece of alabaster sculpture; some of its details are as delicate as ivory carving. There is no general agreement regarding the sculptor of the statuette. The master was first identified as Nino Pisano. Other opinions favour the authorship of Andrea Pisano, who executed the reliefs of the first bronze doors of the Baptistery in Florence from 1330. This theory is based on the similarity of the Virgin's head type and the rhythmic fall of her drapery to the figures on those reliefs. However, on the basis of the statue’s elongated proportions and lighter modelling, it should perhaps not be regarded as an autograph work of Andrea Pisano himself.