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Mangas Coloradas

Artist: Amanda Faulkner
(Dorset 1953 –)

Date: 1989
Medium: aquatint
Dimensions: 33.5 x 40.3 cm
Classification: print
Inventory Number: MO.91.58
Department: Department of Art after 1800

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Mangas Coloradas

Amanda Faulkner became a professional artist relatively late, after returning from years spent with the Indians of the Andes in South America. Her outlook was largely influenced by the confrontation of European values with sharply different customs. After her art studies, she mainly worked in graphic art and in 1986 she gave up painting and took to paper work. Her themes are women and the objects around them, the woman as mother and lover, her ambition of individual acknowledgement. Her thought- and debate-inducing work is a powerful channel of her committed feminism. Her works of the '80s are deeply personal animated compositions charged with energy, while her later works are more sedate and optimistic. Her former sheets imbued with expressiveness, to which Mangas Coloradas also belongs, derive from a combination of graphic signs and painterliness.