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St. Barbara

Artist: Michel Colombe
circle of
(Bourges [?] 1430 körül - 1514 [?] Tours)

Date: early 16th century
Medium: limestone
Dimensions: 88 x 33 x 21 cm
Classification: sculpture
Inventory Number: 52.816
Department: Sculpture

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St. Barbara

The art of Michel Colombe, an outstanding personality of French late Gothic sculpture, exerted a strong influence on the sculpture of the Bourbonnais region as well as numerous other parts of France. The Budapest statue has affinities with works from these regions; its closest parallel is the statue of St Barbara in Jaligny. The high quality of the statue relates it to the art of Jean de Chartres as well. According to legend, St Barbara was the daughter of a rich pagan in Nicodemia. Her father had her locked up in a tower – hence the figure holds a tower in her hand – but despite this punishment she became acquainted with Christian teachings, and for her religion later died a martyr.