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Saint George

Artist: Lucas Cranach the Elder
(Kronach, 1472 – Weimar, 1553)

Date: ca. 1505
Medium: pen, brush, grey ink, white heightening on grey prepared paper
Dimensions: 214 × 99 mm
Classification: drawing
Inventory Number: 70
Department: Prints and Drawings

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Saint George

After spending a few years in Vienna, Cranach became court painter to Frederick the Wise, Elector of Saxony, in Wittenberg. This drawing dates from that period; Cranach chose as the model for his drawing St Eustace, one of the figures on Dürer's Paumgartner Altar, which was in Nürnberg at that time. The veneration of St George was revived when Emperor Frederick III founded the Order of St George (1468-69), and Emperor Maximilian I established the Fraternity of St George and the St George Society (1503). The drawing served as the model for a woodcut Cranach made in 1506.