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Passover Seder

Artist: Victor Kayser
([?] Augsburg before 1516 – 1552/1553 Augsburg)

Date: first half of the 16th century
Medium: Solnhofen limestone
Dimensions: 28 × 79 × 6 cm, 26 kg
Classification: relief
Inventory Number: 7168
Department: Sculpture

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Passover Seder

We barely know anything about this Augsburg master, called Victor Kayser. Starting in 1516, he was a pupil of Jakob Murmann the elder. We only know one signed work by him: the relief depicting Susanna and the elders in Berlin. It was on the basis of a comparison with this relief that Simon Meller identified the sculptor of the Budapest relief. The much more relaxed composition resembles the Berlin relief mainly in the head types employed. The iconography of the carving is rare; the Passover Supper - described in the book of Exodus (12: 1-13) – was regarded as a prototype of the Last Supper. In the Jankovich collection the relief was said to have come from Pécs.
Miriam Szőcs