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Paradise Landscape with the Animals Entering Noah's Ark

Artist: Jan Brueghel the Elder
(Brussels, 1568 – Antwerp, 1625)

Date: ca. 1613–1615
Medium: oil on oak
Dimensions: 61 x 90.2 cm
Classification: painting
Inventory Number: 548
Department: Old Master Paintings

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Paradise Landscape with the Animals Entering Noah's Ark

Apart from his epithets "Velvet" and "Flower", Jan, the son of Pieter Bruegel, was also justly called "Paradise" Brueghel. His painting depicting the story of Noah and dating from 1613, of which several copies have come down to us, is regarded the prototype of some hundred landscapes evoking the atmosphere of the Garden of Eden. This Budapest painting is accepted by the monographer of the master an autograph version executed between 1613 and 1615. The biblical story (Genesis 6: 13-21) offered an opportunity for the artist to paint an idyllic landscape and numerous animals in colourful detail. The sources of some of the motifs are the works of Rubens."

Ildikó Ember